Why You Need to Change the 5400RPM Hard Drive In Your Laptop "Have you ever wondered why your laptop starts to slow down after a few days or weeks of using it? How come your laptop is still slow despite that it is powered by an Intel Core i5 or even a Core i7 processor? How come it is still slow despite upgrading your laptop’s memory to 8GB or even 16GB? The answer lies in your laptop’s hard drive. Please continue reading below"

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Soldierone3576d ago

Funny thing is, my hard drive is going out right as im reading this. 7200 will offer you a massive difference, especially when downloading and installing stuff. For every day stuff, it wont be much different

The prices on here are too high also. You could get a 500-1TB 7200 for around 50 dollars. Almost the entire market is based around that price, no matter the features.

whatswithjeff3576d ago

7200RPM is better than having a 5400RPM drive. If I can transfer the OS to the spare mSATA in my laptop, I'll get a 1TB 7200RPM for my overflow drive.

Oh, prices where just for reference only and are subject to change. They might have gone down already by this time.

Soldierone3575d ago

I only mention the prices because when your hard drive is going out and you have no money, you look for something cheap. Yet every where I look a 500GB drive is only 5-10 dollars cheaper than a 1TB drive lol, and with a little more searching you can find the 7200 version for the same price.