Newegg Announces Inaugural Pop-Up Store Event

Maximum PC: "Electronics online retailer Newegg has enjoyed a great deal of success since its inception in 2001 and, along with other e-tailers, has made life increasingly difficult for brick-and-mortar stores. And like other e-tailers, it has benefited from “showrooming”, a practice in which the buyer visits a brick-and-mortar store to physically evaluate products only to buy them online at a better price. So it is no surprise that it is getting ready to open its maiden pop-up store, where prospective buyers will be able to pop in and "showroom" everything from ultrabooks to digital cameras."

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mpctips2595d ago

Fancy that, I was actually in Thousand Oaks a couple of weeks ago on vacation.

Sahil2587d ago

newegg has been trying its best, but its getting expensive so they have been doing their sharpest for the bargain shoppers. i got a promotional code for 15 dollars off for any purchases over a hundred, one-time use.