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Maximum PC: Best free software: Let’s face it, there’s nothing cheap about being a PC lover. Putting together a badass rig and keeping it up to date takes cabbage, even when we do our best to make value-driven purchases. Luckily, we can offset our hardware indulgences by saving big on software. So many of our daily computing activities—be it work or entertainment—can be accomplished with a totally free program. And we’re not talking about second-rate, poor-man’s versions of paid-for programs, but perfectly capable, top-notch solutions that stand on their own while costing nothing. There are even some free software that we honestly couldn’t live without. Intrigued? Read on to hear about the best free software.

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justinbkerr2607d ago

So much free software goodness here.

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DivineHand1252605d ago

I'm surprised Launchy and Search Everything isn't here. I can't imaging using my PC without those two apps.

fatstarr2605d ago

ahh I remember when i used to buy Maximum PC for 10$ back in the days. now they give out the goods for free.