Bill Gates Critical of Google's Charity Efforts

Maximum PC: Do you miss Bill Gates yet? The founder of Microsoft was oft criticized during his time spent with the company he helped create, and for some, his genius wasn't truly appreciated until he retired, handing over the reins to Steve Ballmer who, let's face it, hasn't been doing a tremendous job. These days Gates is all about his charity and philanthropy work, but at the same time, he's very much in tune with the tech world, especially as it relates to uplifting the poor and underprivileged, and he's always good for a soundbite.

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blacktiger3519d ago

It is charity, because building internet is actually free, however making business is another story, remember Internet is not only Google's world. It's also Bing and Yahoo. Otherwise Antitrust would bring in inside United States again. Anyways Free Internet, free Android and so on, only to hope you would use Google!

Gondee3519d ago

Android is free because they use your information and usage to serve ads back at you. It is not free, you are unwillingly giving up personal information in exchange for the OEMS to receive a free OS. Im not bashing Android, as its one of the best mobile OS's out there, but don't be ignorant as to why you have what you have

That same premise can go for internet.