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Create a printable 3D model of any object using only a camera and Web browser

KurzweilAI: "Volumental‘s 3D Scan-to-Print web app will be the world’s first browser-based, 3D-printable model creator. The idea is to scan (and later, print) a 3D object as easily as printing a document, using just a depth camera (such as a Kinect*) and computer browser.

The team just launched a Kickstarter. “We need $20,000 in funding to hire a dedicated developer for this project as well as to fund upgrades needed in server and processing hardware. We estimate that the app will take 3 months to develop.”

Volumental was founded in 2012 as a spinoff from a research project called Kinect@Home at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The team behind the innovative technology combines expertise in 3D reconstruction, computer vision, programming, and business development to allow users easy access to the 3D revolution."

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fatstarr2869d ago

soon you wont need fancy expensive or confusing 3D software.

soon it will be simple WYSIWYG-K.I.S.S. software. then the world will become a really dangerous place.