Microsoft Tries Gaming on Three 4K Displays in Eyefinity, Pushes 1.5 Billion Pixels Per Second

Maximum PC: Poked your head into Microsoft's "Extreme Windows Blog" lately? You should, but be warned, what you'll find is extremely graphic. By that we mean Microsoft is pushing graphics technology to the brink of awesome by configuring three Sharp 4K Ultra HD displays in an Eyefinity setup. That translates into a 12K setup pushing 1.5 billion pixels per second, which is nothing short of mind numbing.

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fatstarr2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

technology has been advancing so fast behind the scenes , the general public isnt ready...
hell a ton of geeks aren't ready we have been blinded by the useless shit. just when I was about to upgrade i have to make refinements to my build.

but you see how tiny the desktop looks...