Sailing the sea of pennies: Sub Pop's digital salvation

Engadget - "You can't deny the math," Tony Kiewel says, with the slightest hint of defeat in his voice. "The math is bad and continues to get worse for the whole pie." Sub Pop's head of A&R's not particularly bullish when asked about the state of the music industry. It's been a rough couple of years -- decades, really -- and the idea of the record label going the way of its brick-and-mortar counterpart doesn't seem like some far off prediction, as the majors continue to implode under their own unwieldy weight at an impressive clip. But Kiewel's pessimism is tempered with a note of enthusiasm. All said, things could have been much worse for the legendary Seattle label, which has managed to weather the technological storm largely unscathed. "Our piece of the pie is so much bigger than it was two years ago," the bespectacled executive adds.

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