Either Chipotle Doesn’t Know How To Use Twitter, Or They Know Exactly How To Use Twitter

BuzzFeed: Chipotle’s Twitter account Sunday was a stream of consciousness/a search for an avocado store in Colorado. Their tweets received more than 3,700 RTs in an hour. Now that’s what I call leveraging your brand.

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In2iti0n2777d ago

The tweets are still there. Clearly a marketing ploy.

Speed-Racer2777d ago

At least change my comment when you're copy and pasting from the website xD

In2iti0n2777d ago

Hey, what can I say, you inspired me! xD

And I can't believe I've hit none other than exactly yours without even being aware of it until now when I've checked the FB profile. Hilarious. xD

Nucky2777d ago

I think they've just been hacked, and are trying to make it like they did it intentionally. And cleverly so.

Draper2777d ago

It looks to me like someone had voice control issues. xD