Microsoft May Pay Royalties to Apple for Every Xbox One Sold

Daily Game - Microsoft supported HD-DVD with Xbox 360 to avoid royalties to Sony. With Xbox One, it could pay royalties to Apple for every sale due to Kinect technology.

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-Mezzo-2782d ago

Yup, nothing seems to be working out for good.

-Superman-2781d ago

Sony - hardware
Microsoft - software

Microsoft pay every xbox one sold(blu-ray)
Sony pay every laptop(that comes with Windows)

papashango2781d ago

PUBLISHER'S UPDATE: Microsoft's new Xbox One Kinect sensor was created entirely in-house and did not use PrimeSense technology. Therefore, the Redmond-based company would not need to pay royalties or licensing to any entity based on sales of the Xbox One Kinect hardware.]

fr0sty2781d ago

Microsoft also pays Sony a royalty for every Xbox One sold (Blu-Ray playback licensing, DVD playback licensing), and Sony also pays MS a royalty for every PS3 and PS4 sold (VC-1 video codec for Blu-Ray playback, as well as WMA and WMV support).

truewittness2781d ago

"May"..."could& quot;...I love these articles that are set out to give bad press to a company. Now this whole article is updated turning out to be false. But people will be commenting on this for the entire life of the X1 how they have to pay Apple for every X1 they sell...which is just on a hunch that is now false.