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Xbox One Pre Orders: Higher Than Xbox 360, Lag Behind PS4

Daily Game - With Xbox One pre orders sold out for the launch of Microsoft’s upcoming game console, visibility into the actual number of reserved units is increasingly hard to pin down. Microsoft has announced, however, that Xbox One pre-orders are higher at this point than they were for the Xbox 360, an encouraging indicator for the tech company in light of its preliminary PR troubles and backlash related to various DRM policies that have since been reversed.

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-Mezzo-2823d ago

Not surprised at all.

Though i would love to know the exact numbers.

ChrisW2821d ago

I'm quite certain there aren't any "real" numbers yet. We won't know until post launch as to who is actually ahead... but my suspicions are that it'll be the one whose shipped the most consoles.

Fat Onion2821d ago

I would have never thought that would happen!