Tom's Hardware - Intel Core i7-4960X Preview: Ivy Bridge-E, Benchmarked

Tom's Hardware - Recently, Gartner published numbers showing that shipments of PCs dropped a staggering 11 percent in the second quarter of this year, primarily attributed to tablets replacing entry-level machines. Wall Street, at least, is all doom and gloom about the PC’s future prospects.

But the boutique builders I talk to say that interest in super-fast gaming systems is at an all-time high thanks to the efficiency of certain processor and graphics architectures. So, while now might be a bad time to get stoked about mainstream hardware, performance-oriented power users have some pretty quick components to choose from.

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-Mezzo-2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I think i should consider waiting for this.

I'm in the process of making my first ever Gaming PC.

biRdy2780d ago

When you get that the a better one will already be made. That's the PC life :(

Ingram2780d ago

May I ask, do you have a particular GPU in mind?

SirBradders2780d ago

Yea mezzo go with what these guys say, just stick to a budget and fill otherwise you will keep sending back parts for newer ones.

I just built my pc i went with a i5 3570k and a gtx 770 4gb oc i went with some other serious gear all came to £1200 including the case but i could of spent 1500 2000 or 3000 but thats when it gets too much.

I actually did send back a gtx 670 because the 770 was only £40 more, do you see what i mean.

xtremexx2780d ago

i got the same cpu, and gpu but it was just the 2gb version. i really wanted a 780 but the price difference between a 770 and 780 is too much lol.

SirBradders2780d ago

I know right that's what I mean where do you stop lol.

The reason i went with the 4gb is because of skyrim i loved that game on consoles and ive dreamed of all the mods for years, with 4gb i can mod the shit out of it especially with the patch thats been made to optimise more 3gb without crashing :-)

Tzuno2780d ago

ha me too. all this next gen consoles thing is tiresome.

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hard joe2780d ago

i am done with pc
having to upgrade every few months
every time a new game comes out
gaming on console now
can last for a few years