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Android versus iOS Security

The Verge- I was just doing research on Android versus iOS security and was surprised by what I discovered. Did you know that for every 1 Android vulnerability there were about 9 iOS vulnerabilities?

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Settler2937d ago

According to this article Android is more secure :)

2937d ago
1Victor2937d ago

Spam Bot It's Crazy Its Almost Double This Year Compared To Android risks

no_more_heroes2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

This article confirms to me that there is a direct correlation between platform market share and where hackers, etc focus their efforts in creating malware.

SJIND2936d ago

Nothing is secure , no matter what devices came out there is still something to penetrate. But apple controls their own hardware/software gives them a unique advantage, they can push latest software updates to each device whereas older Android devices do not get pushed to the latest versions of Android, thus presenting easier targets for malware.

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