Video: Xbox One takes on the PS4

TechRadar - It's the age old question - age old since, like, E3 2013 - which console should you opt for when the PS4 and Xbox One hit the shop shelves in time for Christmas?

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georgeenoob2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Wow, such a biased video.

Xbox beats PS4 in exclusives so far in both quantity and quality, PSN doesn't even touch Xbox Live and its 300k servers and cloud implementation. Lastly, X1 is bringing advanced next-gen tech to the table, a camera that can even read your heartbeat, whereas Sony is playing it safe.

Aside from price, only thing PS4 has on X1 is a share button. Have fun fanboys.

mushroomwig2943d ago

0/10, you're not even trying.

steven83r2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

More Exclusives? Maybe announced and shown. Wait a couple months and once all the Game Cons are done with, then we can see who announced the most exclusives before launch. Cloud? PS4 also has that. Advanced next gen tech? What? kinect lol. All gimmicks until you get your hands on with them. Even at E3 MS area didn't have those so called Advanced Next Gen tech features for us to try out.

georgeenoob2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )


And you think MS won't announce any exclusives at Games Con? MS will probably announce more exclusives than Sony, your prediction is just as good as mine. Just cause Sony didn't announce any at E3 doesn't mean they're saving it for Games Con, E3 is the bigger conference.

There are different types of cloud. PS4 is using cloud for streaming PS3 games. X1, on the other hand is using the Azure cloud, which generates games. Unlike PS4, MS' cloud improves gameplay.

You really think Kinect 2.0, bundled with every Xbox, is a gimmick? Watch the Project Spark demo and get back to me.

mouzone2943d ago

i really think you should look up what biased means

clrlite2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

You must work for them in order to be that biased.
Then you mention "cloud" which has been a marketing/pr buzzword from the beginning.
Just enjoy your gaming and you might not sound like an insecure fanboy.
No offense of course....

Also this is assuming it could even compete with the PS4 in the first place.

georgeenoob2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

How is cloud in any way a marketing buzz? Turn 10, Respawn, Insomniac, and Ubisoft ALL talked about how X1's cloud enhances gameplay development. You fanboys need to leave your little fantasy land and accept that X1 has the advantage, not PS4.

Proof: php?artid=13270 k-about-the-xbox-live-cloud/ rza_motorsport_5/news/the_clou d _places_forza_5_on_an_entirely _ new_plateau_beyond_anything_el se.html

gaffyh2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

TheMart..sorry...georgeenoob, just give it a rest. 300k servers, 5 billion transistors, magical cloud! Woohoo like that stuff matters /sarcasm.

You are as deluded as the execs were when they announced that shit. It means NOTHING without proof to back up what this stuff does.

PS4 is more powerful, cheaper, has a better CONFIRMED launch lineup of games, preorders selling out quicker, higher quantity of units per store, no major yield issues, indie self-publishing. Who's got the advantage again?

Harkins17212943d ago

Your kidding right? The only thing remotely good looking for Xbone is Titan Fall. Sony have even announced that they will be showing off more exclusives at Game Cons has Microsoft? No. If you didnt read all the hate out there but no one wants the Kinect 2.0. And then they try forcing all these bullcrap rules down your throat nearly killing themselves in the process.

They may have saved themselves a little bit with the 180 turn around they did. Btw Ps4 is 50% more powerful then the X1. There is no advantage what so ever. Your just seeing your pathetic lies in front of you. You want to believe theres something there but its not.

Here we are at the end of the 360 and Ps3 cycle and the Ps3 has passed the 360 in total sales. And the 360 had a 1 year head start. Its going to be the same result this Gen to. Except the Ps4 will dominate this time due to the fact that Sony is focused on gamers, and they will be head to head.

Another thing to point out is Sony doesnt abandon one console for another like Microsoft is doing for the X1.

tarbis2943d ago

300k servers mean shit if your internet connection is crap. If those 300k cloud servers can improve my internet connection while playing games online. I'll buy an Xbone.

5eriously2943d ago

Yes you are a noob for sure. With eyeballs like this.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

LOL. Better...Quality...Exclusives. HAHAHA XD

Oh, so tell me the vast greatness that you MS sheeple have gotten in the last couple of years? Do tell :D

abzdine2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

please shut up you ain't funny anymore.

Cloud powaaa makes x1 10 times more powerful... ROFL

adorie2943d ago

Leave that fanboy shit @ N4G.

nosferatuzodd2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

georgeenoob if cloud was has good has you and Microsoft said it is why there are trying to over clock the Xbox one to match ps4 are trying to put in 12 gigs of ram you the magical cloud should of filling the strengths the Xbox lacks so to speak
that's because it can't and they know it its just crap to justify what they are doing

2942d ago
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Mounce2943d ago

To be hearing a grown man say:

"Kinect games are gonna rock!"

Did he have a very cold shower after having to say that? Did he get paid immensely for saying such grotesque words? Who the hell would actually say such a thing....Kinect games....are gonna rock.....


NumOnePS3FanBoy2943d ago

yeah I just can't take anyone who thinks that the kinect is a serious thing for core gamers.

mushroomwig2943d ago

I actually think the PS4 looks good.

ricochetmg2943d ago

lol....when has MS EVER been known for games besides the big 4.

twdll2943d ago

Ok here is the deal. The real deal.
Xbox one will have good games, either with or without kinect.
PS4 will have have good games as well using its tricks.
Both will help the other become better through competion. Thats a good thing.
Its a win win situation, if you have one system or both. There it is folks...the truth.
Its not may the best one win, or winner take all, its two good things come to those who wait. Its good for gamers snd gaming period.

kingPoS2943d ago

Yeah... those 16bit days were the best.

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