TechRadar - Hands on: Xbox One review

TechRadar - There's more to the Xbox One than meets the eye. Sure, Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference revealed a price that was higher than the PS4, and then Sony's media briefing brought down the house by making fun of its rival's insistence on daily check-ins and used games-crippling DRM.

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-Mezzo-3926d ago

Ahh, finally a positive ( mostly ) article about the Xbox One.

Though still i am not picking it up at all.

evil_element3924d ago

Come on M$ pump millions dollars with ur marketing team into Xbox One.

ricochetmg3924d ago

millions in games would be better

evil_element3923d ago

Millions of games don't sell, without M$ pr machine.

lastofgen3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

I can't wait till my x1 lands on my doorstep. Killer instinct is looking pretty awesome.

Also, did the author not read up about the recent 180 on microsoft's policies change regarding used games and the 24 hr check in??

evil_element3923d ago

Heard ur getting them back xD

Psychog3924d ago

You people are crazy MS will sell your data to the NSA with the spycam that you can't unplug the 180 uturn they did was just to survive all the floodgates of complaints that came in. I just don't understand how people forget that not long ago they had drm and 24 hr checkins - btw people knew the X1 specs for over a year now MS couldn't change them because of the camera enjoy your spycam.

Gekko363924d ago


I live in Wales and couldn't give two fucks about the NSA, why would I? and even if they had anything to do with me I wouldn't give a shit if they watched me shagging my fella on the sofa. I've seen enough gay porn to know what angle best shows off my arse.

As for the PS4Eye are you telling me they won't do that because Sony are nice? - They're a Japanese corporation and even with dodgy Engrish they are bastards to a man, just like Microsoft

NumOnePS3FanBoy3924d ago

Here's a hint... Sony Does not include the camera you have a CHOICE to get it if you so please to.

CRAIG6673924d ago

well said Gekko.


King Nezz3924d ago

My thoughts exactly. When people get a load of my huge shlong, I'll be taking the porn industry by storm. Karlie Montana get on deck. Back to the discussion, if you're afraid of being spied on you must have something illegal to hide. Like you're not being tracked by services like facebook and twitter.

Isis063924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

the problem is... was... last time I checked... that you can't unplug the Kinect and that is just amazingly stupid.

StoutBEER3924d ago

So will Google and Apple. If you dont want your data taken, my advice, get off the net

CRAIG6673924d ago

My question is - what are all these tinfoil hat wearing 'tards hiding? that's right nothing.

sonic9893924d ago

i would trade in any kind of a camera just to get the better more powerful full of games system and that happens to be the PS4
btw kinect the spy cam that is forced on everybody for some reason i am quite sure about it being used to spy on people simply, if we thought for a minute wasn't microsoft spying on our computers most of the time plus they changed skype infrastructure to allow calls monitoring or something like that
so no xbox for me at all bye MS

joefrost003924d ago

With the games that have been shown a better gaming lineup for sony
Your joking right
Even developer that works at sony said MS as of right now(that could change) had the better launch lineup of games

SkyGamer3924d ago

and everytime you search on google they store your information permanently and worse than the nsa, they sell them to companies so you get malware and ads. Good Logic...

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