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Microsoft may be upgrading the specs of the Xbox One before its release

ExtremeTech - The Xbox One reveal was so disappointing that it’ll likely go down in history as one of the gaming industry’s most memorable high-profile blunders. Microsoft’s decision to revise its mistakes will also likely go down in gaming history as unprecedented. Now, in what may end up another unprecedented move, Microsoft might be revising the Xbox One’s hardware before it even releases.

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SnakeCQC3795d ago

I really wouldn't be surprised as they had to use pc's instead of their console at e3

Trunkz3795d ago

Their not gonna bump up the specs because then they'll have to bump up the price and then it will look even more horrible on a shelf next to the PS4.

KiLLeRCLaM3794d ago

and it will prob be delayed, no?

cyclindk3795d ago

One correction... it WON'T look horrible on the shelf next to the PS4 because there won't BE any PS4s on the shelf!

Bada bing!

SouthClaw3787d ago

You do realise they were not pc's as you think? They were alpha development kits. That means they are not the final dev kits that will be used for the rest of the consoles life. Microsoft always does this with their consoles. Their first dev kit is in a PC tower.

Such a moronic comment. Know the facts before you blabber.

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adorie3795d ago

I don't think so. Too many factors. If they bump up the ram they will need to bump up the price or take away kinect. Clock-speed could be likely, but given the die size...

I think they will just go through the launch with current specs, but if MS proves me wrong, then major kudos to them.

Sitdown3795d ago

Or they could have had multiple prototypes, and just decided to go with the higher spec one, with the price already having reflected the highest end unit ......and if they decided to go with a lower spec, a surprise price drop, as the high price tag is not need. Probably not, but wishful thinking..

Qrphe3795d ago

They already have a set price and months before launch.

Pillsbury13795d ago

RROD all over again, I feel sorry for Xbox fanboys.

YNWA963795d ago

Dumb ass, not about fanboys, which you just made clear you are a Sony fanboy, but I like games.... Some games I cannot get elsewhere... Only on Xbox... And vice versa and so on....if you claim to be a 'gamer' you will play them no matter where they are....if you are only interested in hardware.... Stay the fvck away from me... Do not want others to think I am a loser too... Bottom line is I like to play games... So I have owned nearly all that has been available.... Never had handhelds though... When I am out, I am having a life... Living, that kind of stuff.... Pub.... Errrr pub..... Lots of nice people in those places....

GHOSTxx4203795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

That don't make him a Sony fanboy. He could be a Nintendo fanboy, are you a Microsoft fanboy? Cause don't forget that they had the biggest failure rate. I went threw 4 of them before I switched to the darkside, yes there's a few games I would like to play that Sony doesn't have, but just cause ima gamer don't mean ima have a 5th box fail on me just to have a game. This gen of games hasnt been the best at all. No need to go off on someone just cause he spoke the possible truth.

Pillsbury13795d ago

@ ghost420

Thank you, gman is obviously not accepting the truth about the failure rate and the 180 in Microsofts return policy because of it. I will admit I don't like Microsoft only because they want to ripoff their consumers with their monopoly strategy and fees on top of fees.

TheRealHeisenberg3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

@ Gman0174

I agree with every word. Keep on gaming bro.

@ XxGHOSTxX-420

Pillsbury1 may not be a Sony fanboy but is definitely anti MS.

YNWA963795d ago

I went through 3 Xbox 360, 2 ps3, but I do not feel sorry for me or anyone, I know the deal, I take the chance.... Call me what you want, I like games. Pillsbury was a mindless comment. I understand your point xghost, and you were constructive. Pillsbury was just personal. Heisenberg, your very welcome, thank you. Now back to minecraft.... Cannot stop playing this game!

Hozi3795d ago

Don't worry Gman. When Xbox fades away into history like Dreamcast......we'll be getting all the best games on PS. :)

YNWA963794d ago

Nah.... By then there will be a google console... Using the cloud and you search for games....

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RedHawkX3795d ago

Five Hundred and Ninety Nine dowwars!!

quenomamen3795d ago

Nah its waaaay cheaper to yap about how the Cloud 3x more power.

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