Samsung Galaxy S III explodes in girl’s pocket, and boy oh boy it did quite a bit of damage

AndroidBeat: Phones explode. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. I can link you to stories of iPhones exploding and Nokia phones exploding and even Samsung phones exploding, but this isn’t a “oh look, this company doesn’t care about their customers” type story. This is a “holy crap, this poor girl” story.

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In2iti0n2703d ago

Looks like a multimillion dollar lawsuit right there.

Nucky2702d ago

And boy oh boy if Apple uses this to make ads that bash Samsung for this. That would be fun to watch.

Cernunnos2701d ago

Happened to many many iPhones, iPods, Macbooks, PC's PSP's, Nokia phones, etc for many many years. Basically this can happen to any device with a lithium ion battery.

Doctor_Freeman2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

That's just horrible, that poor girl will be scarred for life. I haven't owned very many Samsung phones (not smart phones anyway), I don't know why either cause I've heard they're good products. I guess it was my Spidey sense.

ajax172702d ago

Dang. I hope my GS3 doesn't explode.

Draper2702d ago

If I were you, I would throw my GS3 out through the window right away, while you still have time.
I mean, who would risk their life for a phone that can explode at you any moment?

Note: This comment is loaded with sarcasm. Lots of it.

TABSF2701d ago

I'd still go with Samsung Galaxy S III just a far better product and now has Jelly Bean

Tzuno2701d ago

That piece of shit named Samsung. I only needed 3 pieces of their hardware to break beyond repair to convince myself that Samsung is a Shitty brand. No buy from them since then and no buy in the future what so ever. Samsung is spread in the world like a virus.

ddurand12701d ago

and what would you suggest as an alternative? just curious

In2iti0n2701d ago

Oh, if only I didn't have this avatar, I could say something funny here.

fatstarr2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

by your logic

PS3, 360, wii, pcs, fuck every piece of technology is a piece of shit... because every piece of hardware has these symptoms, manufacturing defects,etc

you are such a know nothing its not even funny.

fatstarr2701d ago

nothing is 100%, i feel bad but :/ thats just unlucky