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Android too chunky for cheap phones, says Firefox OS creator

The Verge: Eich argued that Android is too bloated to run on cheap hardware. He noted that Android 4.0 can’t run on devices with less than 256MB of RAM, which is why there are still phones being produced that run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The executive explained that FireFox OS doesn’t need a lot of memory and can use low-end processors to build “a truly mass-market smartphone.”

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In2iti0n2952d ago

Google can port their Chrome OS web based OS to cellphones and its chrome Blink engine will still beat Firefox’s bloated Gecko engine any day.

KingPin2952d ago

i dont know what cheap phones this guy is talking about.
in SA, the cheapest contract is like $20pm <with the current exchange rate> and the worst phone you could get comes with 512MB ram. <Samsung galaxy ace advance>

my HTC Desire Z with 512 RAM, overclocked processor to 1GHz (stock 800MHz) runs ICS 100% no problem. (Andromadus Audacity Beta 5)

so yeah, its like saying windows 7 is too clunky to run on a pentium 2 with 256MB ram so we making xp and it will be superior coz its faster. basically even android has minimum requirements and 512MB Ram is like a standard in cheap phones these days.

In2iti0n2952d ago

I agree. Excpet if they were targeting Africa.