MacBook Air rules thin-and-light laptop market, says NPD

CNET: The MacBook Air all by its lonesome has captured the majority of the total thin-and-light laptop market, according to data from NPD.
The MBA grabbed 56 percent of U.S. thin-and-light laptop sales in the first five months of the year, Stephen Baker, an analyst at the NPD Group, told CNET.
The remainder, 44 percent, was captured by ultrabooks from various PC makers.

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In2iti0n3325d ago

I wonder what keeps Apple from making the Air design on iOS... Seems like a Macbook Air with iOS at the 600 dollar range would be popular.

Nucky3324d ago

Isn't that exactly what iPad is?

Draper3324d ago

Well, other that its price, it's a decent ultrabook.

In2iti0n3324d ago

You can't have cheap quality. It's the way it works.

Gondee3324d ago

I have a 2011 mac book air, absolutely the best laptop i have ever owned. My favorite thing is the track pad, its just soooo much better than any other laptop i have used. it also still resumes by the time i open the lid, which is impressive for a 2 year old box