Update: As Microsoft Restructuring Nears, Top Execs Fret Over Their Fate

All Things D: According to sources close to the situation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is likely to unveil his plans to restructure the tech giant to a larger group of senior execs by July 1. That prospect has many top managers at the company worried, since Ballmer has been making these significant plans with limited consultation with the wider leadership group at the software giant. Instead, he has been working with only a small group of his direct reports and also some Microsoft board members, numerous sources said.

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newsguy2954d ago

sounds like rough times may be up ahead

fatstarr2954d ago

good times if they are getting rid of ballmer.

aviator1892953d ago

As much as people seem to despise ballmer, I actually think he's done a pretty good job over the past few years. Sure, there's the whole windows 8 debacle (mainly due to the modification or removal (however you see this) of the start menu), but all of the recent projects ballmer has created under his belt after gates left have been only to advance the company forward for the future.

Honestly, I don't think there's anyone else more fit for the job at the helm of microsoft in such a sensitive transition period.

Soldierone2953d ago

@above, how?

Xbox One. doesn't listen to fans, and that was what sparked this whole thing. They almost totally destroyed a major asset they have.


Windows Phone came late and still is struggling to gain a market share. Anyone that says otherwise is Microsoft, which thinks its small percentage is actually good.

They are letting PC sales slip.

They are letting Google take over software....

The only really strong thing the company has done the past few years is Bing.

I used to friggin love Microsoft. I was always excited for a new OS, always excited for their new project, always said they were awesome (except for Xbox), but lately I've been excited about nothing....

aviator1892953d ago

xbox one isn't out yet, and ms have managed to remedy the major issues gamers wanted fixed before launch and considering that consoles are a 10+ year business, I don't see microsoft having a problem with that business. And with a $499 starting price, microsoft have more flexibility to make price cuts in the near future.

And about zune, I believe that the zune software was the first stepping stone to the modern UI (metro) that microsoft uses today in windows 8, windows phone 8, xbox one. Even though zune is dead, what it stood for helped microsoft differentiate themselves and their products in terms of design from competitors.

Windows Phone, while having a rough start with windows phone 7, has only been showing signs of rapid growth and sales with the release of windows phone 8 with nokia leading the way. Yes, wp has a small marketshare, but that only means that the platform has huge potential to make some significant strides in the fight against android and ios. And nokia and wp8 are especially hitting hard with lower-end phones, even though they run as buttery smooth as high-end devices such as lumia 920/925/928.

Yes, pc sales are slipping, but microsoft is seeing record windows sales. Now, that only tells me one thing. Microsoft's strategy in expanding to tablets and touch-centric devices for windows is working. And with pc's and laptops becoming more and more reliable and powerful these days, it doesn't surprise me that pc sales are in decline.

And google's android sales = easy profit/revenue for microsoft as google created android with items they do not own and deployed android without the permission of microsoft in regards to the patents that microsoft owns that are being used in android devices.

And yes, bing is making gains. Small gains, but gains nonetheless.

So, all in all, I believe microsoft are headed down a bright path. I just think that a good chunk of people are failing to see microsoft's vision and the amount of time it will take to see those efforts, controversial and radical, pay off.

Soldierone2953d ago

I just want to point out, I know Xbox One isn't released yet, but its the fact they were willing to do what they did. Fans of the console were literally telling them to not do it, yet they didn't listen. It took people not buying it to get them to listen.

Like I said, they almost literally lost an entire branch to their company due to a stupid decision. A decision people are now scared will come back.

And no matter what, I look at Zune as a failure. I bought into it, and thats why I won't own a Windows Phone. I was one of the people they screwed. It was a good all around device, and to me it was something that could have pushed them past Android fast. A little marketing, a little software help, and then make the phones directly link to it and it would have boosted them really far into the mobile market.

Sure it had the UI that they use today, but thats shows how out of touch they are. As a PC user, that interface doesn't work. Sure I love it on my tablet or whatever, but why the hell would I want it on my laptop?

ArmrdChaos2953d ago

Unfortunately is appears Ballmer is stacking the deck to save his own sorry a$$. He is the acting CEO...he should be taking the blame for any MS failure. The board needs to wise up and oust his ass ASAP.

Kaneda2952d ago

I think they tried to be like Apple, dictate how people should use the products.

But they did it anti-consumers way. Apple, just tell you this is the product and this is how you use it. Here is the videos how it is cool! M$ here is Xbox one like your cable box, but with DRM you can't do stuff with. No videos why it is cool!

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S2Killinit2953d ago

what the hell is happening at Microsoft exactly? their stocks don't seem to be bothered but there are all these signs about catastrophe. Anyone knows what's going on?

ABizzel12953d ago

Poor leadership and communication are key to company collapse.

If you have bad decision makers leading a company there's going to be trouble, thankfully for M$ they have plenty of money to make those bad decisions every so often. However, it's still bad for business, and their communication with consumers has been poor to say the least over the past 1 - 2 years.

Don't know what's happened, but some corp. heads need chopping over there.

steve30x2952d ago

Hopefully with the restructuring they will make windows 9 a desktop OS and not a Tablet OS for desktop computers.

Kaneda2952d ago

He should looks at himself first.