Apple's iPhone 5S Revealed in New Photos

MacRumors: Several images that appear to show both the interior and rear shell of Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S. The device appears to carry the same redesigned logic board that appeared earlier this week, suggesting that this is indeed a new iPhone.

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In2iti0n2964d ago

So... lets go through this together.

3G - redesign
3GS - updated internals
4 - redesign
4S - updated internals
5 - redesign
5S - ????

What do you expect?

mp12892963d ago

Updated internals. I win.

In2iti0n2963d ago

You really have a talent for solving misteries.
I'm impressed.

Nucky2962d ago

Copied internals this time?

In2iti0n2962d ago

Oh, come on... Are you trolling, or are you just bored?

OldParr2964d ago

I expect nothing. I got nothing.

In2iti0n2964d ago

The only way to not be disappointed.

Nucky2962d ago

What else could you expect from Apple?

fatstarr2963d ago

The pic in the tech spy article looks very htc one x but in the article it looks like a regular iphone

mcstorm2963d ago

I was thinking that looks like a photoshoped one x. Looks nice but im getting the Lumia 925 next month and can wait love the look of the Lumia phones over any other at the moment.

Plasmana2963d ago

I have a 920 and I love it. But the 925 looks amazing!

mcstorm2962d ago

@Plasmana I have the 900 at the moment and its a good phone n 925 looks amazing

Nucky2962d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the new iPhone actually looked like HTC One X, since all they do is copy from others. Why not?

Pillsbury12963d ago

My eyes, the goggles do nothing!

eferreira2963d ago

Coming from the 4, I'm eager for an update

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