Nokia hints at 41MP cameraphone announcement on 11 July

The Inquirer - Nokia has dropped another hint that it will unveil a 41MP cameraphone at its New York event on 11 July.

Nokia has posted a teaser image on its blog promising "41 million reasons" for readers to tune in to next month's event, which will be live streamed on its website. Unless Nokia has managed to stuff the upcoming smartphone with 41 million new features, we suspect that this is a clear hint about a 41MP cameraphone.

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imXify2965d ago

41MP camera on a phone, or how to fill up space for no reason.

2964d ago
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2964d ago

I will see every pore on my thingy! nice..

Plasmana2965d ago

You need to look into how it works. The raw image is downsampled in software to a lower resolution before it is saved. However, the resulting image is of a much finer quality than that which could be acheived with a lower resolution camera taking the picture at the targeted downsampled resolution.

ProjectVulcan2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Sounds good n all but also sounds a little bit expensive for the chipset performance wise as in...slower. Unlikely it'll be snapping a bunch in a row or being very responsive at anything like that rez.

Dasteru2965d ago

Not going to happen.

41MP sensors do not yet exist at a consumer level. The highest sensors currently available even in high end DSLRs is 36MP and those cameras cost over $5500.

Plasmana2965d ago

Well the 808 Pureview they released earlier, which has sensor resolutions of 7728x5368, is a 41MP camera. That makes it seem very likely! Here's an article on it from February 2012...

Dasteru2964d ago

Interesting, Not sure how they pulled that off.

The sensor alone would be worth close to a grand.

eferreira2964d ago

That's it? call me when its 42mp

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