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MS reverts Xbox One Online Check In, Region Lock, and Used Games policy after reviewing “feedback”

Vyralize: Microsoft has given in to the negative Xbox One feedback and will backtrack on their 24-hour online check in and used games policy.

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The_Blue2963d ago

Losing money and those investors. Lol

level 3602963d ago

Great news indeed.

Will now be ordering sooner than later.

hard joe2963d ago

now just remove kinect and lower the price
and you're in to compete with ps4

kingmushroom2963d ago

true, what they just did is nothing to get exited about not even close.

ybadr2963d ago

Still 100$ more expensive, weaker hardware, and mandatory Kinect...

cyhm31122963d ago

significant weaker hardware, not even 1/2 of PS4, mark my words

kingPoS2963d ago

The people have spoken. #

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