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Major Nelson answers difficult Xbox One questions on camera

Geek - Unless Microsoft does a U-turn on some of the game-limiting features included with the Xbox One, which they clearly aren’t planning to do, the company is going to face a lot of questions from confused and upset gamers right up until the launch of the console in November.

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SnakeCQC2812d ago

this guy is so full of crap

fatstarr2812d ago

right I know Im not the only one.

Tales RPG addict2811d ago

agreed, and when I post anything against Xbox ONE i get a huge backlash from Xbox fans. Sigh

fatstarr2812d ago

He handles the publicity better than that other idiot. but people that are weak minded will fall into this trap. Microsoft is working on spinning all this negative light to positive. capturing 1 person at a time, Im waiting for the mandatory Microsoft education seminars.

maniacmayhem2812d ago

The woman is ridiculously hot.

steven83r2812d ago

Saw her around E3. Even hotter in peson.

Anthotis2811d ago ShowReplies(1)
steven83r2811d ago

That can be said about any girl. There is always someone hotter out there. But that doesn't mean she isn't good looking.

steven83r2812d ago

Way to not answer ?'s. The 24hr check is for the library but you never answered what good is it for my offline single player experience. I don't care that the library is up to date with online check the ? was for why can't i play offline single player mode.

Lord_Sloth2811d ago

I know! He was dodgin questions like Neo dodges bullets!

Redrever2812d ago

Microsoft is the greatest Liers of all time.

kingPoS2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Each Microsoft Rep is required to have silver implanted in their tongues.

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The story is too old to be commented.