Travelling at 158mph wearing Google Glass

Geek - It’s not every day you get to hit the speed limiter in a 2013 Mercedes SL 550, so we gave someone brave enough to do it on an open highway Google Glass to show everyone what it is like.

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mushroomwig2167d ago

What an irresponsible moron.

Helsleycopter2167d ago

....that's not very fast.... :/

fatstarr2167d ago

You have to look at the cars he pass by that are probably doing 60/70 to get the sense of speed

AuToFiRE2166d ago

Um, 158 mph is twice the maximum speed allowable in Canada. 158mph is 254kph, or 71 meters per second, thats like travelling 20 stories every second.

zeroskie2167d ago

I really wish he would have been pulled over and charged $400

Kaizin5142167d ago

He would have been arrested for going that speed, depending on the state, going 25 over is considered reckless and you can be arrested. Going 100 over will definitely get your license revoked, lol.

fatstarr2167d ago

After 105 they take a pair of scissors and cut your licence in half.

Instant 11 points

Speed-Racer2167d ago

If the police decide to follow up on it and add up the clues, they may arrest the guy like this fool

fatstarr2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Dam that car is a beast, I demand zoom blur for Google glasses. Lol shame it's an automatic with a turbo. That transmission is probably messed up now.

Speed-Racer2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Why would you say that? Most supercars and GTs these days have dual clutch transmissions, which essentially is more efficient automatic transmission, even though the set up is completely different.

Hmmm I think the guy doesn't know his cars either. It's an SL55 AMG, not SL-550 :/

fatstarr2163d ago

honestly after driving peoples cars with all the fancy stuff, the feeling isnt there. when your clapping the shifter in and releasing the clutch is more thrill than letting some autmatic transmission take over. Driving wise its way more fun.

Speed-Racer2163d ago

Sadly that's the way the car industry is going because of the improved performance and savings on gas.

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