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Intel desktop roadmap for H2 2013 and H1 2014

CPU World: Haswell desktop processors debuted last week, and, as was the case with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge launches, the initial lineup consisted of Core i5 and i7 quad-core models. Less expensive products, such as Core i3 and Pentium CPUs, were expected later this year, but we didn't have much information about specific SKUs up until now. We recently stumbled on a few slides from Intel desktop roadmap, that shed more light on Haswell mid-range lineup. The roadmap shows several Core i3 and Pentium model numbers, and we were able to confirm them using another source. The roadmap slides, originally published in the last week of May, also mention Haswell refresh, that was revealed by VR-Zone last week.

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justinbkerr2173d ago

Lots more Haswell to come.