Simplicity my ass.

Medium: "Okay, so a couple of hours of using iOS7, and I must say this is the worst thing Apple has ever made, period. (I will piss off a ton of fanboys now, and you guys at Apple, but you know what? You pissed me off first). I know this is an early stage build, however the entire design you showed us at the keynote is all there, implemented. So, what happened?" ~ Linus Ekenstam

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In2iti0n1953d ago

All I can say is... It's a really well written piece of text.
Whether I agree with it, or not.

fatstarr1952d ago

I respect this article alot, its hands on words from someone that actually tried it. Apple really went wrong.

also great css on this site.

In2iti0n1952d ago

There are also other, more positive words from the people who have tried it. However, I do agree, it's a remarkably written piece of work, and it does give a really different and interesting perspective.

And yes, the site design is neat and minimalistic. Love it.

Nucky1952d ago

Apple went wrong, and we are witnessing an Apple guy admitting that. I respect people who can be objective like this.

In2iti0n1952d ago

It's all just a matter of taste.
I also try to be objective, and as such, like the new iOS 7. Yes, they implemented features that were already present in other mobile platforms, I agree. But still, they did it in a better, more elegant and easy to use way.

That's what I always like about their style of making things.

gdguide1952d ago

From what I've seen, it's not as bad as this guy says. It does a lot right. But it does feel more like a response to other products and trying to react more than Apple doing what THEY envision as the future. It feels more like a "Oh. Android users are enjoying that and Windows users are used to THIS sytle, so let's do it this way..." Apple is starting to react more than innovate for sure. Nothing really wrong with iOS7 at all from what I can tell. I'm sure plently will like it. Just not sure people will go crazy over it either.

In2iti0n1952d ago

You have worded my opinion perfectly. Thank you for that.
I completely agree. iOS 7 is great. It is a reaction to others, true, but still, it implemented those features in an excellent way, as Apple usually does with their twist.

blackmanone1952d ago

I wonder how many people blasted MS for their Windows Phone 7 design are now touting iOS7 as a great design? It's the exact same design, people.

EverydayDigitals1952d ago

This piece was so horribly written I don't even know how it got approved. Forming an opinion on an operating system after using it for a couple of hours is ridiculous. I've been using iOS 7 since Monday and while it's still rough around the edges it makes iOS 6 seem very dated and clunky to use.

Someone has every right now to like it but at least formulate complete, coherent thoughts and sentences when trying to express those thoughts. Geez.

proudly_X1952d ago

Not everyone has the capacity to adapt to change.. I was among the few that said Win8 doesn't suck and at that moment I had 9 automatic "ignores" on this site..

Humanity most times are just too lazy..

I haven't tried the iOS7 neither have I said anything about it, but the writer almost got me to his camp until I saw your comment here

SilentNegotiator1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Maybe some people are just tired of seeing posts from the very tiny minority that doesn't think W8's interface stinks tell them that W8 is actually great and they're "lazy" for not "givin' it teh chanc!!" because you and you alone took the time to give it a chance and everyone who doesn't like it hasn't. They couldn't possibly have the opinion of the majority legitimately...that's preposterous!!

Don't expect to spout pretentious BS and not get a few ignores.