This Is the Most Awesomerest Feature in Apple iOS 7

Front: The most oooh!-aaah! feature in Jony Ive's new iOS 7 is the parallax effect you can see in the animated GIF to the right.
It's like magic distilled from squeezed rainbow unicorn ponies sandwiched between glass and metal.

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In2iti0n1954d ago

I wonder what happens when you hold the phone sideways?

Nucky1953d ago

All the icons will fall out of it?

In2iti0n1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

No, they didn't make that yet. That feature will be available in iOS 8, haven't you heard?

fatstarr1953d ago

in theory it would either flip to landscape and emulate it there. or it wouldn't work.