Pilot flies helicopter with brain thoughts

Vyralize: Using Brain waves (EEG), scientists have been able to successfully fly a robot quadcopter.

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iliimaster2177d ago

holy shit this is insane

Blackdeath_6632177d ago

one step closer to having robotic limbs that can be controlled with thoughts like you would a normal hand.

Qrphe2177d ago

The age of Newtypes begins

dc12177d ago

The beginning of Nano-tech?

wannabe gamer2177d ago

how would u even think that? there are no nano anything involved with this period.

dc12177d ago

They was able to map 64 scalp electrodes to capture signals from the motor cortex system (specific brain waves)and then translate them into physical actions/electronic controls.

What if they can capture that information without the scalp electrodes?

What if they can use (internal)bio transmitters like they use in current cutting edge healthcare to remotely pass blood pressure, heart patterns, glucose measurement data to monitoring systems; except have them relay the signals back to a remote device for immediate support?
What if the bio transmitters continuing to become more sophisticated/smaller, act as a two way component that can relay responses back to the user(brain stimuli) from an external device?

Just saying... The beginning of Nano-tech

wannabe gamer2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

i get what ur saying but they have to make the bots at all that can do any tasks that complex before they make them for specific purposes.
also this is touting a way to do this without invasive implants which i would say that would be.

the next step after this is to make a hat/ sensors that are much much smaller and easy to work into everyday clothing or some kind of helmet so it could be used in conjunction with the persons body also doing work.

like someone piloting a tank or a mech or something where the brain wave control supplements everything else and lets you do small tasks rather than the main job of piloting.

dc12177d ago

Yep. I agree. The applications appear to be very inspiring. Looking forward to the next 20 years.

wannabe gamer2177d ago

its a extremely advanced emotiv controller which has been on the market for like 2 years

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