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Barnes & Noble Exposes Microsoft's "Trivial" Patents and Strategy Against Android

Groklaw: Barnes & Noble has done the world a tremendous favor, by pulling aside the curtain and revealing Microsoft's patent campaign tactics against Android in lurid detail.
It reveals the assertion of "trivial" and "invalid" patents against Barnes & Noble and some shocking details about an "oppressive" license agreement that would have controlled hardware and software design features that Microsoft presented, thus limiting to what degree Barnes & Noble could offer upgrades and improved features to its customers if it had signed it, features it says none of Microsoft's patents cover. Microsoft worked so hard to keep it all secret.

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In2iti0n3105d ago

Easy answer:
1) Control
2) Damage to competition
3) Advantage to their products
4) Revenue Stream
5) They feel they can get away with it (and have so far)

Did I forget anything?