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AMD Gaming PC Build 2013 | Budget Performance

TechNutz: This guide will focus on building the best budget performance AMD gaming PC without killing your wallet. While Intel gets a lot of the spotlight these days, AMD has solid components that are budget friendly, and offer compelling performance. I have received quite a few requests lately regarding an AMD gaming PC build for $500-$600. You can get really decent performance with this kind of budget and I will update this post monthly so you get the best deal and best hardware combinations. You want a great AMD gaming PC … so let’s build one .

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NarooN2182d ago

Everything in there is pretty decent, though I would've suggested just dropping an extra $30 and going with the FX-6300 which uses less power and overclocks much further than the PII 965, but the Phenom II is still great. Games of today aren't as CPU-bound as a lot of wannabe tech-experts make them out to be.

OcelotRigz2182d ago

I built a Gaming PC before xmas, an AMD build, and im delighted with it.

I did a lot of reading up, i learned so much about AMD & Nvidia, CPUs & GPUs, RAM, the motherboard etc... in the space of a week and did very well choosing the right parts but one thing i overlooked and went cheap on that i regretted big time. The PSU(Power Supply Unit).
I assumed the higher the wattage the better, so i bought this cheap 750w PSU. It basically collapsed from doing the windows experience rating just as i had everything up and going.

I did my research and learned a lot regarding PSUs. I ended up getting an Antec 550w PSU thats doing a great job for me.

krazykombatant2182d ago

Interesting read considering how im saving up to build a rig come late july-mid august. Rome 2 here I come!

Lolrus2182d ago

The new A10-6800k apu has released and looks pretty awesome. Out of the box with 4.4 ghz clock speed and the new architecture for gpu. Sells for 149 dollars or 115 pounds here. Couple that with 2133mhz ddr3 memory and crossfire it with one of the compatible gpus which are like 60-70 pounds.

NarooN2182d ago

I looked at some Thai website, and the guy who tested out the 6800k got a stable overclock at 5.4GHz. That's insane. I'm actually gonna buy one since I'm going to Socket FM2 in anticipation of Kaveri. AMD's APU's are great bang for the buck.

KingPin2182d ago

i really hope more and more people switch over to AMD pcs.
they really great when it comes to cost effectiveness and quality. 2 main things which are hard to over-look.
sure, it may not be the best of the best with whats in the market but you get more for the amount you pay.

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