UN report says killer bots could fight War Without End

The Register- The United Nations has called for the establishment of an international body to set guidelines for the development and use of lethal autonomous robotics (LARs), lest such machines go on a never-ending killing spree that plunges humanity into perpetual war.

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Settler2183d ago

Its liked war without end...just like humans

Tony-Red-Grave2178d ago

but unlike humanity the robots would not have had a choice in the matter. we choose war and misunderstanding no need to get other species, especially one we create, involved no?

that aside if robots fought our wars for us one fall back i could see happening is people will forget the horror of war, expect for those who've lost the fight, the fact people die fellow human die in war reminds us that there is no true winner in war and it's something that should be avoided.