Another S3 goes up in smoke and flames

Vyralize: It seems the Samsung Galaxy S3 is following in Apple’s footsteps, as yet another phone goes up in flames and smoke.

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evil_element2743d ago

So many websites are so simple. Apple battery blows up, samsung battery blows up, sony batteries blow up....

Lets put things into perspective here.

Sony They DO make but they may also buy in batteries.

But these companies do make to order batteries for big companies.

Issue doesn't lye with electronic firms but rather the manufactures of the batteries them selves. Baring in mind batteries like all products can be faulty they don't show signs till wear and tear of the user.

forum672743d ago

But these companies are responsible of choosing the battery company and thorough testing before reaching consumers's hand.

Hence those companies need to be blamed.

Tsuru2743d ago

Thoroughly testing a battery? You do know you wear down a batteries life expentency by thoroughly testing it right?

Also on a side note, based on this "Last night at about 3:15am EST (about 1 hour after i plugged it in and went to sleep"

whats to say whatever he plugged it into didnt have some kind of surge that caused the battery to intake more power then it was rated for whiched caused the damage?

General Shrooms2743d ago


>Thoroughly testing a battery? You do know you wear down a batteries life expectancy by thoroughly testing it right?

That isn't how quality control works. The pick a few out of a batch and test them. They don't torture test every single product.

KingPin2743d ago

@General Shrooms

i think thats the point tsuru is making.

what if from the sample batch only 1 in 10,000 exploded.
thats more than 95% confidence the product is good.
now look at how many S3s are sold worldwide to how many exploded.
battery manufacturers can only test so much. and phone companies don't just pick any battery manufacturer out of a hat coz they know anything related to their product has their name on it and their name is at risk.

fatstarr2743d ago

you know everything has a fail rate right?

not everything is 100% (actually nothing is)
but if there are 10million+ s3's and only like 5 have been reported blowing up... calculate the fail rate percentage on that.

this is just a random event that can happen and has happened to every device known to man using batteries, cars, phones, tablets, laptops... the technology just isn't perfect.

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iliimaster2743d ago

the best cellphone ive owned is a gs3 and im happy with it, i have my iphone 4s as my ipod now and it makes it even more better cause the battery life for the iphone being used as an ipod lasts along time and i get to use my gs3 for cell

Tzuno2743d ago

hahahhaahhhhh i quit samsung a long time ago and i will never look back. Sayonaraaaaaaa

adorie2743d ago

*finger clap*
From my gs4

fatstarr2743d ago

implying that the battery in your next device is flawless.

Kevzin2743d ago

he just over charged his battery never leave it charging over night

fatstarr2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

contrary to popular belief batteries have changed.
overcharging is a myth that doesn't carry over.

Lithium Ion battery Technology s way different from
NiMH and NiCD and other popular batteries in which overcharging and all the myths do apply too

in this case if you know electricity, the battery caught a short somewhere and the battery began to run hot and expand until it blew up in flames. this could have happened in a day time or any time charge.

I leave all my compatible battery types to charge over night, except my laptop and some other old devices I have.