The Next Opera Browser: An Overview

Erika of Ghost Volta:

"Opera has totally revamped the desktop version of its browser, which is now available for trial on Windows and Mac. Opera Next releases are beta versions, updated every few weeks, and allows you discover the latest enhancements to the browser, similar to Google Chrome’s Canary build."

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KingPin2634d ago

cant wait to try this.
love opera browser. been using it for over a decade now and never had any issues with it whatsoever.
everything just works as it should.

jerocarson2634d ago

Chrome says take a seat!

fatstarr2634d ago

As a long time opera user my self, you dont see this as just another chrome clone now? look at the tab styles for goodness sakes...

fatstarr2634d ago


we live in a world of conformity why does everything look like fucking Google chrome. this is the last straw. I got to download old versions of opera before its too late. bring the old back.... this web 3.0 browser is boring if everyone does it.

KingPin2634d ago

you can always get older versions of most apps at

fatstarr2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

thank you . I was getting a mini headache tryin to find some old stuff.