How rich would you be if you’d bought Apple shares instead of a PowerBook in 2003?

TNW - Talk about buyer’s remorse; our co-founder, Patrick de Laive has been working out how wealthy he’d have been if he’d bought Apple shares instead of a shiny new 17″ PowerBook G4 back in 2003.

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Madusha3069d ago

Discussing the 'what ifs' now won't do any good! I'm sure the same can be said about a number of other companies.

-Mezzo-3068d ago

Agreed, all you can do is ( if you want to ), keep a sharp eye things from here on.

wastedcells3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

So true. We missed the boat along with most. So many huge companies today sold stock for dollars or cents once apon a time. If I knew then what I know now.

Gondee3069d ago

Ahaha, that's an interesting view point!

KingPin3069d ago

so what this article says is instead of buying devices from a company we should by shares of said company instead.
coz you cant lose.
if the company does well, you become rich. if it doesn't, you lose. but with the rate your device depreciates, you lose the same amount of money anyways.

Soldierone3069d ago

The problem is, you get to enjoy the product if you go that route. Meanwhile a failed stock is simply a giant waste of money with no return on it at all.

Revvin3068d ago

and if everyone bought stock and not the product there would be no profit from shares

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