Why should Apple have access to consumers if it refuses to pay its fair share of taxes? Countries are competing to provide the biggest tax breaks, the cheapest labour and the easiest regulation to attract the likes of Google, Apple and Amazon, to the disadvantage of their own citizens. But there is another way

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evil_element2059d ago

How would you stop people buying or using services from companies like Apple or google?

State censorship of the internet?

SnakeCQC2059d ago

For a company to operate in a country and take advantage of the consumers within it shouldn't they pay the correct taxes?

MikeMyers2059d ago

Yes but that is why many of these big companies have their headquarters off-shore. I'm not sure how they could get around that other than having audits or increasing import fees for all products not made in the country they are sold.

evil_element2058d ago

You forget that google doesn't sell physical goods. Apple only partically sells physical goods. So that statement fails.