3D Liberator hand gun is a walking time bomb

Vyralize: Sounds obvious, right? But with 3D printing becoming an easier thing to do, we’re sure that someone will try to replicate a Liberator hand gun under less than ideal circumstances.

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fatstarr2190d ago

I mean any weapon can misfire and blow up. if someone wants to take the chance let them take the chance.

Pandora's box has been opened, there's gonna be a black market for plastic weapons and innovations in the next year. the governments want to control the internet because its the most powerful weapon mankind has, it gives you a voice and the access to knowledge and truths.

its the last of the open seas keeping us truly free. and its the only vehicle of communication not controlled by 1 of the 7 media empire corporations.

level 3602190d ago

Bringing the gun-making business literally at the masses doorstep is the most dangerous act of this century.

Life and living as we know it has just become a lot more disposable.

For sure tech-heads ( even me included ) are loving the video on how the gun is being magically brought to life but think about the deadly consequenses this would lead to.

nohopeinc2190d ago

You can make bombs a lot easier and the info has been on the net for some time. Please don't make this more than it is. Not only are the printers rather expensive ATM, I just don't see any point in going after this. The plans are on the torrents, so yeah it is now unstoppable do not waste what little resources the police have on this, they will not succeed. Don't call it the most dangerous act of the century, how about GWOT? Patriot Act? Executive Order? CISPA? SOPA? You being allowed to post what you did?

TLDR Your idea is more dangerous than this ever will be.

SilentNegotiator2190d ago (Edited 2189d ago )

OMG all 50 people with the means to make one of these are going to killz us all!!

I can already go out and get a nice used handgun for $50. Almost anyone can in the US with the proper license. I'm looking out my window and not seeing the apocalypse. In fact, violence is down, gun deaths are down, and the MAJORITY of gun deaths are suicides.

People need to stop drinking up the news in the morning and stop shaking in fear. Now's a great time for a revolution of people knowing their neighbors and stop shaking in fear. We prove more and more every day that we can live in peace without restricting and fearing each other. Of course, that doesn't mean we need to be naive; there will always be bad people and being allowed to defend yourself against one should the unfortunate event ever arise is important. I'm not waiting 10 minutes plus for a cop to show up if someone tries to hurt me or a neighbor.

uuaschbaer2189d ago

"Bringing the gun-making business literally at the masses doorstep is the most dangerous act of this century. "

... you know there are other ways to kill people... and easier ways to get a gun. Publishing H5N1 research is more likely to have been the most dangerous act of the century, but we'll see.

Th3 Chr0nic2190d ago

these guys did everything they could to make this thing explode. they are making a video against it. there are already new versions of the plans that dont have the weakpoints that caused this to happen