TechRadar - Hands on: Xbox One Gamepad

TechRadar - Following a full day of presentations, interviews, tours, tech demos and teases of the Xbox One's game-changing potential, the powers that be at Microsoft finally let us get our mitts on the new hardware's controller.

While our time with the gamepad doesn't allow us to tear up the blacktop in Forza 5 or command a SEAL Team canine in Call of Duty: Ghosts, it does provide a peek at a few of the 40-plus improvements that have been made over its predecessor.

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-Mezzo-2187d ago

The Controller was hands down the only highlight of the conference.

Yi-Long2187d ago

.... after the reveal I was like: "Nice to see they FINALLY fixed that D-Pad. Sure hope I'll be able to use it on my PC or PS4, cause there's no way in hell I'll be buying this console!".

What a JOKE of a console-reveal.