How the Xbox One draws more processing power from cloud computing

ARS Technica - Ars also talks to Microsoft about the integration of Kinect and RAM allocation.

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-Mezzo-2189d ago

I really hope it does, coz currently is lacks everything.

Cueil2189d ago

??? I'm not following what is this everything that it lacks?

ProjectVulcan2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Microsoft sells you a box for $400 or whatever.

Then imagines it is economical for them to have 3x the performance your box has, in the cloud, for every single user that happens to be connected to Xbox live and playing a game simultaneously.

Which is easily a million or more at any one time for a popular game if the console manages to sell well enough.

Hmm. That doesn't smell like BS at all.

They are talking about supplying over 3 teraflops in the cloud for every online user? Impossible right now and the near future.

Heck if you just had one teraflop for a million users at once in the cloud, that's one exaflop. ONE MILLION TERAFLOPS. ONE THOUSAND PETAFLOPS.

The most powerful distributed computing network in the world only just manages this with a huge amount of machines. Remember, Microsoft want to build a network that they entirely own with at least 3 times that performance!

The most powerful single computer in the world has 'only' 30 petaflops. It cost $100 million dollars.

LordDhampire2189d ago

Lol what? I dont think everyone knows how technology works

FRAKISTAN2188d ago

wow xbox 1 has already failed before launch,AMAZING


sandman2242188d ago

Cloud power sounds like a bunch of bull sheet!

Lazyeye792188d ago

Separate power brick. Does anyone know if the PS4 will have a separate power supply?

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