Microsoft's Xbox One Reveal Played Right Into Sony's PS4 Plans

Everyday Digitals - It's no secret that Microsoft has had it's eye on more than just gamers as customers for the future of the Xbox for quite some time. Throughout the XBox 360's life they've continued to add multimedia apps, channels and features to the console's Xbox Live subscription service. The strategy has brought in more causal gamers over time, especially in the United States. Sony's Playstation 3 had a Blu-Ray player as it's main attraction that also brought in it's fair share of casual and non-gamers as well but they never bit the hand that fed them. Continuously providing a diverse library of critically acclaimed exclusive titles every year that kept serious gamers of all types enthralled and loyal.

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EverydayDigitals2191d ago

Here is the latest update from "sources". It seems Microsoft's story keeps evolving almost everyday.

MrsJazzy2191d ago

So I have to have an internet connection to use the new Xbox? No deal. Guess it's PS4 for me.