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Sony PlayStation 4 Riding Wave Of Twice The Social Media Buzz Of New Microsoft Xbox

Forbes - Sony was smart to get the head start on Microsoft in a next gen console battle that figures to be a two-company race, as Nintendo struggles to build momentum for Wii U. According to Jen Handley, COO and co-creator of Fizziology, PlayStation is currently seeing almost twice as much social chatter as the next gen Xbox. Fizziology tracks feeds from Twitter, Facebook and blogs, as well as additional sources like Tumblr, Disqus and Instagram, to analyze what consumers are saying about video games, technology and other topics.

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-Mezzo-3115d ago

I cannot wait for the E3, where everything will ( Hopefully ) will be cleared. From Release Date, Specs to the Software prices.

Cannot Wait.

Tony-Red-Grave3112d ago

It's been confirmed awhile back games will remain $60. Of course feel free to correct ^_^

ScepticTankAvenger3112d ago

Sony confirmed for the Playstation 4 that the price of games would remain at $60, but I haven't read/heard anything about Microsoft on their end. Hopefully, they will stay at $60 as well.

NumOnePS3FanBoy3112d ago

That picture of Kaz never gets old xD