Google shows off Chrome improvements for better, faster mobile browsing

PC World - Google called its Chrome browser “the most popular browser used in the world” during Wednesday’s Google I/O keynote. And the company used that occasion to present updates to Chrome on both desktop and mobile, as well as new developer tools for Chrome.

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-Mezzo-2647d ago

It's amazing how Google's Chrome took over as the supreme king of browsers in no time.

Gamesgbkiller2647d ago

Its my main browser.

But there is some serious problem with it.

The shockwave crashes all the time.

a_squirrel2647d ago

Shockwave is ancient, that's why.

adorie2647d ago

Flash is on it's last legs. I think Steve Jobs was on the money when he said it publicly, in his own words.

JUST in-case, I'm not Apple fanboy, I'm a fanGIRL of anything that propels us into advancement. :)

fatstarr2647d ago

it isnt stable after 100 tabs especially if any of them have media objects.

as a user of all 4 browsers, I still prefer fire fox and opera but Im always using chrome... its like im brainwashed.

kaozgamer2646d ago

I had the same problem
I fixed it by going to about:plugins(type in address bar then hit enter)
and disable the duplicate shockwave player plugin

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