The Everything Guide To Google Glass

WebMuch: Google Glass is a wearable waterproof device that has been created to make your life easier, and it also gives you a chance to experience life in a new way. The device has a (prism) screen, a camera, a touchpad and a microphone, and it’s more comfortable to wear than your average sunglasses. You can use the device with simple commands like “take a picture”, or “record a video” and even get directions.

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cb8102889d ago

Is Google Glass the new bluetooth ear piece?

leoshastri2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

No. Check out the video I'm linking from YouTube.. And if you don't go crazy, tell me, I'll kill you..

mrxbox2889d ago

^^^Oh GOD NO.. Google glass is one of the best upcoming tech devices you will ever see.. And BLUETOOTH?? For real..??