BlackBerry announces BBM service for Android and iOS; coming this summer

Vyralize: BlackBerry has announced that it will be bring its BBM messaging service to the Android and iOS platform this summer.

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Vyralize1983d ago

Well this is great news! If it were 2 or 3 years ago :|

colonel1791982d ago

I thought the same exact words! This would have been huge then. Now they lost their chance and got replaced.

NewMonday1982d ago

they can take it back quick with this, the downside is their is even less of a reason to get a BB phone.

fatstarr1982d ago

you never know, it could come back

badz1491982d ago

the iPhone is outdated they said, they are not going to offer cheap phones they what?

mcroddi1983d ago

This is quite big news. Finally.

RonyDean1983d ago

Does and is anyone gonna be using this?!?

mrxbox1983d ago

That just had to happen.. This will probably(although i hope not) decrease the usage of whatsapp.. I hate BBM.. hate blackberry. so i really hope it isn't a big success...

brandonw001983d ago

I can't see a reason for this at all. I feel like Blackberry is too far behind Android and iOS now days.

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The story is too old to be commented.