Samsung Galaxy S4: Jack of All Trades, Still Master of Just One

BGR: Some of the new features Samsung included in the Galaxy S4 are basically useless. For example, one option allows the user to flip forward and backward through photos in the gallery by waving his or her hand in front of the phone’s display.

In terms of build materials and feel, Samsung is always outclassed by its rivals. While the S4 is likely Samsung’s most solid showing yet in terms of hardware, it still doesn’t approach flagship phones from other leading vendors.

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In2iti0n2893d ago

Actually, Jack of all trades, master of NONE.

mrxbox2892d ago

It is a good phone indeed. But I'm just not a Samsung fan and I don't think it should even be compared to the greats of HTC and Apple

In2iti0n2892d ago

Mrxbox, you, sir, are my man.
I totally agree.

SnakeCQC2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Criticising samsungs use of very high quality plastic is a bs criticism. Is the stuff weak? no its the same material used in bullet proof glass and cockpit windows so its obviously very strong.

Next because they try to give consumers as much bang for their buck as possible. They give things that htc and apple simply do not give replaceable batteries(all batteries degrade so for many people its the first thing that goes) and expandable memory.
In terms of inovative apps what does apple give you thats not on the playstore? and what does htc give you that isn't? the answer for both is not much but samsung spends time to give features not available elsewhere.

Their screen technology is amazing and can do stuff that the retina just can't do ie amoled can simply turn off individual pixels to give insane black depth.

Raf1k12891d ago

@ Erudito87, I agree with you but the problem with Samsungs use of plastic is the way it feels after dropping hundreds to buy an S4. Also, many people don't realise what kind of plastic is used since Samsung don't really make it known.

sealava2891d ago

I just bought an iphone for my girl .
I love the way htc one looks like .
in the end I will by a Samsung galaxy s 4 .why? because it has more user friendly and functionality stuff that I know and like to use in my current and future .