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No Home for Facebook at AT&T: HTC First to be discontinued

BGR: The HTC First, or “Facebook phone” as many prefer to call it, is officially a flop. It certainly wasn’t a good sign when AT&T dropped the price of HTC’s First to $0.99 just one month after its debut, and now BGR has confirmed that HTC and Facebook’s little experiment is nearing its end. BGR has learned from a trusted source that sales of the HTC First have been shockingly bad. So bad, in fact, that AT&T has already decided to discontinue the phone.

fatstarr3996d ago

thats what happens when you base sales of a phone around an app.
had they marketed the phone better. and avoided the gimmick tie in with facebook it would have sold decently.

hope companies see not to put all their hope eggs in the facebook basket . just because its edgy and cool doesnt mean it will sell.


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760d ago

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PrimeVinister1131d ago

Ajit Pai has a lot to answer for.