Monetization killing Social Media

Vyralize: In a bid to cash in on the power of social media, many companies like Facebook and Twitter are slowly ruining their service for many.

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Vyralize1986d ago

yea, it sucks! Ads spammed across my Facebook all the time!

In2iti0n1986d ago

That's exactly why I don't "like" many pages on Facebook, so it gets more difficult for them to target me as a potential customer, and therefore, less ads to me.

pompombrum1985d ago

I'm surprised it's taken them as long as it did tbh. Hopefully they'll get too greedy and drive enough people away for something new without money as a priority to come and take over.

TheFallenAngel1985d ago

I know. I hate when I gotta wait 15 seconds or more to watch a video that is like 10 seconds long.

Soldierone1985d ago

Or an ad to watch an ad..... "Come look at the new movie/game trailer, but first watch this trailer for something else!"

1985d ago
SilentNegotiator1985d ago

Going corporate worked for absolutely no one.

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