BlueStacks takes on OUYA with Android-powered GamePop game console

Engadget - So you want a console for free, eh? BlueStacks is apparently prepared to offer you just that in its GamePop game console, which costs nothing for the month of May with a one-year subscription to the service (wouldn't you know it, that costs $93.83 -- just below the price of an OUYA at retail). Like its counterparts, the GamePop is powered by Android (4.2) and runs mostly mobile games. The company isn't sharing specs just yet, sadly. BlueStacks is promising "over 500" games, and has some top mobile devs offering credence with in testimonial.

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-Mezzo-2896d ago

These micro-console, are DOA, each and everyone of them.

I have no idea, why people are wasting their time & money on them,.