Intel i7-4770K Overclocked To 8GHz

Vibox: Anyone who’s into overclocking and system tweaking, brace yourself.
A video has been uploaded to Youtube which appears to show the new i7-4770K overclocked to a staggering 8GHz. In theory, the processor shouldn't be able to go this high, due to restrictions with the multiplier and base clock, however we already know that Intel have redesigned certain key parts of the CPU, so who knows?

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adorie2897d ago

Jaw dropping.

ProjectVulcan2897d ago

Core Voltage: 2.259V

Don't try this at home kids, your CPU will melt down to China

adorie2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Someone mentioned that this isnt even the highest oc. A comment on the article-site mentioned that someone got 8.8ghz with an amd cpu.

Software_Lover2897d ago

Is that noise in the background his house burning down?

ZoyosJD2896d ago

That is the sound of boiling liquid nitrogen.

If you listen carefully you can also hear the steam coming off it shown in the pick.

badz1492896d ago

and with steam coming off it, would looks kinda awesome!

imXify2897d ago

ULTIMATE rendering machine ! =D

Gincredible2897d ago

Sounds like overclocking to 8Ghz can cause an earthquake

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The story is too old to be commented.