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iPhone vs “Real” Cameras for Journalism

Fernando Blanco From Electric Avenue said - "When you’re looking to take photos to compliment reporting, the iPhone and similar devices, which contain decent built-in cameras, don’t hold up to the quality of a real camera. There are times when a smartphone camera is best, because, as explained in Chase Jarvis‘s book, the best camera to use is the “one you carry with you.” However, be sure to make the distinction between quality and utility."

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Gondee3859d ago

There was no photo comparison...

Trunkz3859d ago

What's the point if you can't visually compare.

Vyralize3859d ago

I'm still not even sure what the author is talking about. :|

SilentNegotiator3859d ago

What point do you need? This is Techspy; the article 'trashes' iPhone, the approve and read full story buttons get clicked until they break, it's another day.

As if it's really going to make a big difference to anyone if you use an iPhone or an expensive camera to take a picture for an article.

"This site has such sub-par contrasts in its photos! I'll never come here again!"
"This newspaper's photos made out of dots doesn't look as good as the dots in this newspaper! I'll never buy the former paper ever again!"

Speed-Racer3859d ago

@Silent - I think this needs to be said. It's surprising that you complain about bias and stories getting approved blindly, but after checking through your profile, you haven't contributed in any way other than comments. All NB sites are user driven, so if you have an issue with an article, see it being flame worthy like this, there are report options available. I'm not saying you have to spend your entire life in the pending section, but right now you're complaining but not showing any real action to show that you care. If articles were approved strictly by staff choice, maybe I could then feel your pain, but all regular members have the option to voice their concern.

Anyway, this shouldn't be a problem for too long (not a personal threat by the way).

SilentNegotiator3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Are you threatening me?! You dare threaten the great cornholio?!

Do I seriously have to report an article to comment on it being low quality? Or contribute articles to SPECIFICALLY this portion of newsboiler?

I did NOT say this article deserved a report. I just said that it lacked substance, wouldn't be popular if it wasn't a dig at iPhone, and that the distinction between modern phone camera and pro-camera aren't enough for anyone to be turned away from an article.

You even went as far as to call the article "stupid" and you're criticizing me for criticizing the article and the obvious reason that it has so much degrees to it? I honestly don't get it. Why are you pickin' on little ol' me? :'(

Speed-Racer3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

*Facepalm* lol. What I'm saying is that changes are coming so that it's easier for users to rate articles. Anyway, there is actually a "Lame" report if articles aren't up to par in terms of standard. I rarely use it because of my position, but it's there for you guys. If no one steps up, then that approve button is gonna continually get raped. The problem is that if I were the only one doing it, contributors would accuse me of being biased and taking things personlly (an everyday problem). I'm not trying to fight you down here, but trying to get more users to actually help weed out quality articles from sub-par content. I personally thing this article is pointless because it states the obvious, but I try not to get involved too often. Hope you see where I'm coming from.

Edit - I think because everyone has gotten so accustomed to just approving that it's hard to make a culture shift back to where quality matters vs quantity or flame articles. I'm sure if a few people start stepping up, eventually others would chip in to help fiddle the kind of material we get around here (i.e. push the good stuff and weed out the bad). Also you are free to express an opinion. I've never had any problems with your opinions because at least you justify them. As I mentioned, you don't have to do it all the time, but once some people get the trend going, the overall effort should help weed out bad content.

SilentNegotiator3858d ago

Well the article isn't at all wrong. It's just making mountains out of molehills. No one is going to throw their computer out a window because an article has pictures taken with the 'gravely inferior' modern mobile phone camera.

I'm well aware of the "lame" report as I've done PLENTY of contributing on other portions of newsboiler. The article isn't lame (just a bit overzealous and getting more attention because of a very real bias on techspy) and I couldn't report it if I wanted to (being a "trainee" on this portion of newsboiler).

I guess I still don't see what your point is. I just made a remark about how it isn't a big deal. That's all.

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fblan0013858d ago

there were some but the host site took them down, now they just show broken image icons, I didnt realize till this morning, what happened here, there are like 20 comments lol.

Speed-Racer3859d ago

This is kinda stupid article in my opinion. I'm sure journalist use iPhones and Androids because they can instantly send it to their offices for publication. I've never seen anyone complain about an iPhone vs dedicated camera.

fblan0013858d ago

I'm a journalist mayor and I use an RX100 with a very powerful lens, and the RX 100 has Facebook and email capabilities just like any Iphone. The quality is just better, specially for online blogging.

Neko_Mega3859d ago

Cameras are better then Iphone, because a camera is build for taking pictures. Iphone just has that added so people can do it, but wasn't build around the idea of taking pictures.

So their you go, Cameras win. Now find a new story worth reading.

fatstarr3859d ago

lmao what a troll article.

fblan0013858d ago

Update: Added some images to compare, just to make things easier.


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