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Rumor: Galaxy Note III to have 8 core CPU and 8 core GPU.

SamMobile: Today SamMobile received new information of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note III smartphone. According to our trusted insider the Galaxy Note III will be Samsung`s most wanted device. The Galaxy Note III must sell like hot cakes. The Galaxy Note III from Samsung will have a 5.99” Full HD Super AMOLED with diamond pixel structure. Which is the same as they used in the Galaxy S4.

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TemplarDante3192d ago

They can have 20 core CPUs and 20 core GPUs. Hell, why stop there?
You want 100 core each? Fine.
BUT, are they planning on running and using photoshop on the thing?
And games, who would make a fleshed out Android game that uses that? Will they make it specifically for Samsung?
*sigh* You're missing the point, Samsung. Use that R and D time making a battery that lasts a week and that'd be a winner.

fatstarr3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

sadly android sucks at optimizing hardware and most devs dont optimize their software so it drains battery for days. lol the best spek'd android devices will be laggy and sluggish given some time.

you are correct on the battery. across the entire handheld device range more and more emphasis is put on ram cameras and cores instead of giving us some sort of ironman-esc power source.

kingPoS3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

All that power - and no mouse & keyboard to use it.

I'd be nice if Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies made more scale consumer products.

MilkMan3191d ago

Day one purchase. Cant wait. I was about to pick up the Note II. I will wait for this one now.